Frequently Asked Questions

Simply plug the transmitters and the cables into an audio source, turn the headphones on, choose your channel and off you go! We make it easy for our clients and their events.

Yes we do priced per headphone. We need suitable time period to arrange printing and delivery. 

We have access to over 4000 headphones across 1-20 channels. Let us know what you require.

Please contact us about this to see if this is possible before your event. We try to accommodate as best we can.

Our LED colours can be green, red or blue which we can set for you. 

No unfortunately not. Its also a great way for guests to identify they are on the right channel.

Let us know what you need specifically. We can supply a full amanged setup with tech, handheld / headmic / lapel microphones, mixers or recording software.

Yes we do. Give us notice and we can arrange this for you.

Our headphones are great for long periods with a very comfortable fit. They are robust and built to last. They also have higher quality sound that you would find similar to most bose or sennheiser headphones. 

We can supply either AUX, RCA or XLR depending on your event requirements.

It can take between 2-2.5 hours if fully flat.

Yes you can find these on our website. If you need more feel free to ask

Light rain is ok but be mindful that it is electrical equipment.

We are happy for our headphones to be used on the beach but headphones must be returned in the same condition they are supplied in.

We charge per day but can factor in a discount for a multiple day hire.

We deliver by courier or our team. We can offer time specific or window delivery depending upon your setup. We will notify you ahead of your vent the number of Silent Sounds boxes to be delivered.

Yes we can do the whole event management side for you should you require. This could include a headphone host (someone who hands out and collects headphones), AV tech (someone who sets up microphones and mixers) or DJ.

We have DJ booth lightboxes, a Neon Boombox DJ Truck, Neon Putt Putt, Motion Graphic Ping Pong tables, a large range of microphones, lights and DJ equipment.  These are all great for festivals, brand activations and trade shows.