Silent Disco Weddings

Surround sound wherever you are with no restrictions

The newest and funnest way to elevate a wedding or Engagement party

Our silent disco headphones are newest and funnest way to elevate a wedding or Engagement party. With easy set up the headphones work on multiple channels at a time. This means you can broadcast multiple speakers, DJs or recordings all at the same time in the same space. Guests can easily swap between channels and choose the experience that best suits them.
One Fab Day Says:
“Should you have a silent disco at your wedding? The answer is yes! You may have encountered a silent disco in your uni days or at a festival, but if you haven’t, it’s essentially a headphone disco, normally with two or three channels playing different tunes. Revellers can swap frequencies and dance along to whatever song they prefer – and bar some muffled singing along, the music is silent for anyone who’s not wearing headphones. Not only is a silent disco fun and novel, but it has some practical benefits too!” 
Reasons to have a silent Disco at your Wedding: 
  • It allows you to cater to different musical tastes 
  • Lets the party run later than usual (Because it avoids noise restrictions) 
  • Its elderly guests or sleeping babies. 
  • Easy Set up 

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