Conference & Corporate Events

Silent Conferences; sound solutions that enhance the experience

Up to 14 independent simultaneous channels

Noise restrictions and noise distractions are instantly eliminated with our technology. By broadcasting multiple speakers at the same time in one space, our clients have saved thousands of dollars in venue hire. Live presenters can engage diverse audiences with recordings in different 

languages that can play simultaneously on our headphones.  With the possibility of numerous stages, multiple speakers and thousands of listeners at the same time, you can broadcast anything. We can offer up to 30 channels, meaning over 4,000 people can listen at one given time. Our headphones have been used in the past for events such as silent talks, silent conferences, silent summits, university lectures, as well as multi-lingual talks and events that run across multiple stages. The wireless nature of our headphones lets listeners walk around with no hassle. Our long lasting battery life and quick charge technology lets multiple day events smooth sail.


Silent Seminars, Silent Disco, Silent Conferences, Silent PA

We offer:

  • Multiple languages (translations)
  • Multiple speakers/audio tracks
  • Live or pre-recorded content
  • True engagement
  • Parallel speakers broadcasted at the same time
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Efficient charging times
  • Space saving
  • Quality clear sound
  • The ability for guests to walk around (our headphones have a range of 500 metres)

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Silent Seminars, Silent Disco Conferences, Silent Conferences

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