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Immersive headset solutions for screening movies anywhere

A big part of a movie-going experience is the sound. With our wireless headset technology, cinemas can happen anywhere with no distractions.

We eliminate noise problems that both outdoor and indoor cinemas are facing daily. No longer will you need a quiet environment – you can host your screenings at any park, venue or space. Our headphones have a long-lasting battery life that allows for multiple screenings in one day. The best part? The headphones are quick to charge, making multiple-day events a breeze. We can tailor packages for any budget. The headphones and transmitters are easy to set up and pack down. Pick up your product from various locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle or Brisbane. Alternatively, you can leave the labour to us and our technicians will deliver, host and pack down seven days a week. Our multiple channels allow different movies to be played at the same time near each other without conflict.

Silent Cinema, Outdoor Cinema, Rooftop Cinema
Silent Cinema, Outdoor Cinema, Rooftop Cinema

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