Playground Sounds

Exercise, health and wellbeing prorgrams designed for schools

Three great incursions to choose from

For ages K-12

Silent Disco

Each student receives a headset and can choose from 3 different channels of music. We incorporate songs with popular dances to get everyone moving. For older students we also offer the opportunity to be a guest dj!

Workout Party

A group fitness event to help flexibly, posture, co-ordination and confidence in a shared community environment. A fun Aerobic workout specifically designed for students with our qualified instructor back by a dj with an appropriate playlist.

Yoga & Meditation

Teaching the importance of practical mindfulness with an introductory program to the psychical practice of yoga and meditation. Specifically designed for students, giving them the tools to tackle everyday life. Ideal for reducing the stress pre and post exam times. Headphones provide a relaxing backing track while reducing background noise and helping to maintain focus.

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